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In an era with increasingly advanced technology as it is today, many people are vying to create an online gambling website. Moreover, online gambling has recently reached the peak of its fame. The Covid-19 pandemic is the reason why online gambling has gained its fame. With the existence of a gambling website, one does not need to travel far abroad to play gambling.

Although there are many gambling websites, you should not arbitrarily choose a gambling website. Before playing, it’s a good idea if you look for information first on the internet about the gambling website you want to choose. Choose a gambling website that has a good reputation like MARKASJUDI.

MARKASJUDI is an online gambling site that has certification and accreditation from various authorized bodies to organize online gambling activities. This is of course an illustration if MARKASJUDI is a website that is serious about maintaining the quality of every gambling game on its website and the safety of playing from the players.

MARKASJUDI has also collaborated and become an official partner of various world’s leading gambling providers, such as Pragmatic Play, MicroGaming, ION Casino, and BalakPlay. Each provider brings tens to hundreds of their best gambling games for you to play at MARKASJUDI .

Getting to Know Online Slot Gambling

Basically, slot games are games that rely on luck because agen resmi sbobet have to pull a lever and spin several reels (usually 3 to 5 reels). After the reels stop in the slot game, the pictures that appear will determine whether the player wins or not.

Initially the images presented on slot machines were fruits such as grapes, cherries, oranges, strawberries, and others. This is what causes this game to be called a fruit machine. Besides fruits, there are usually other images that are very rarely attainable. If it can be achieved, the players will get a large amount of money.

In the 1990s, later than other gambling games, online slots were born. All procedures for playing are the same as slot machines. The difference is, to play a slot machine, you only need to press a button.

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To get the jackpot in online slots, one only needs to read the possible symbols that will appear. This is not impossible if you already have enough gaming experience. In addition, the selection of the game you want to play is also very influential. There are slot games that give jackpots more often but the value is small and there are also games that rarely give jackpots but when you get them the value is very large.

In order to better master slot games, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the free trial features provided by several providers. This free trial will not reduce or increase the value of the deposit so it is highly recommended to try it before you start betting for real money.

Pragmatic Play, the Best and Most Popular Online Slot Provider

There are so many slot providers that appear and develop slot games with their respective styles and themes. At MARKASJUDI only, you can choose to play in slot games from 16 different providers. However, the most popular is Pragmatic Play.

Pragmatic Play has won various awards as the best slot gambling provider from various online gambling institutions. Some of them are Best Slot Provider 2020 from WhichBingo Award, Best IGaming Software Supplier 2020 from Gaming Award, and Best Game Provider 2019 from AskGamblers Award.

In addition to slot providers, Pragmatic Play is also known as a live casino and bingo provider. The quality of live casino and bingo games from Pragmatic Play also doesn’t need to be doubted because it has been recognized by players from all over the world.

At MARKASJUDI , you can try more than 100 slot games with different themes. Each game has its own level of difficulty to reach the jackpot. It’s a good idea if you look for information about the game you want to play first before starting to play. Information about this slot game can be obtained easily on the internet because you only need to type the name of the game you want to play.

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Pragmatic Play is also a provider that provides an opportunity for players to be able to do a free trial before starting to play. Don’t miss this opportunity because of course the free trial will make you more familiar with the slot game you want to play.

6 Pragmatic Play Online Slot Games with the Highest RTP

As players gambling online slot, of course gambling game online slot with a great RTP value is always sought. This is because by having a large RTP, the value of capital that will return to online slot gambling players will approach the capital they spend. Here are 5 Pragmatic Play online slot gambling games that have the highest RTP values.


Various online slot games with interesting themes, such as Queen of Wands, 888 Slot, and Year of the Ox are the mainstay games from Slot88. Each of these gems is supported by charming graphics and sound effects that stimulate the adrenaline of players so that many online slot gamblers end up falling in love with this provider.

The Catfather

The Godfather movie lovers will definitely like this one slot game. This is because the symbols used in The Catfather are related to the film. The RTP value of 98.10% makes more and more people interested in trying this one slot game.

888 Gold

The RTP value of 97.52% already gives an idea that this one online slot game will definitely benefit you. Backed by stunning graphics, 888 Gold will take you to dream of sleeping on a pile of cash!

Gold Train

Actually, the jackpot value that can be achieved from this online slot game is relative, which is only 500x the capital value. However, the RTP value of this game is high, which is 97.16%.

Caishen’s Gold

The name of the God of Prosperity was chosen as the name of this online slot gambling game because this game promises prosperity for its players. With 243 jackpot combinations and an RTP of 97.08%, this one game is included in the easy category to win.


888 Dragons

Three dragons with different colors are symbols of victory for this one slot game. Even though it belongs to the slot game category with standard gameplay, the RTP value which reaches 96.84% makes many people interested in trying this one slot game.

5 Most Popular Pragmatic Play Online Slot Games

Pragmatic Play is known as one of the online slot gambling providers with the highest number of games. Each slot gambling game has a different theme that is guaranteed not to bore you to play. Here are some of the most popular games from Pragmatic Play.

Madame Destiny

As the name implies, this one online slot game uses the theme of witchcraft. Madame Destiny has 5 reels and 10 paylines and is one of the most volatile games. You can get a jackpot of up to 9000x the bet value if you can get a jackpot combination.

Aztec Gems

Aztec Gems is an online slot game with three reels, three rows and five lines. A slot game with a medium volatility level, Aztec Gems has an RTP of 96.52%.

Sweet Bonanza

Are you familiar with the Candy Crush Saga game? If so, Sweet Bonanza uses symbols similar to those used in the game. Sweet Bonanza is an online slot game with an RTP of 96.51%.

Jungle Gorilla

Having an RTP value of 96.57%, Jungle Gorilla is an online slot game with a medium volatility level. With 20 paylines owned by this game, you can get a bonus of up to 2800x the value of the bet you place.

Great Rhino Megaways

Being one of the online slot games with the largest RTP value, which is 96.53%, Great Rhino Megaways uses the theme of African wild animals in its games. You have the opportunity to hit the jackpot up to 20,000x the bet value if you get the right combination.