The Trusted and Official IDN Poker Site in Indonesia 2021

POKER139 is one of the providers of online card gambling game providers with complete features and the latest system, we have been established since 2010 and are well known by the people in Indonesia. We also have an official license granted by pagcor and also bmm testlabs. We idn poker are also dubbed as one of the leading and trusted providers in Indonesia, because our vision and mission is to make all members who join us feel comfortable and safe in playing online gambling. In addition, we also use a fair play system, namely player vs player (without robots).

The Best Idn Poker Facilities

We also have the best facilities for all our members such as live chat which is always active for 24 full hours without holidays, the customer service we work with also has a lot of experience so that we have a friendly and polite attitude to all our members, besides that we have also in collaboration with various well-known local banks in Indonesia such as BCA, Mandiri, BNI, Bri, Danamon, CIMB Niaga, Panin bank, Permata bank and many more. Of course, we do this with the aim that all our members can easily make deposit or withdraw transactions. Not only that, with us idn poker of course you can make transactions using e-wallet or digital wallets which are now widely used by Indonesian people such as Dana, Ovo, Linkaja, Gopay and others. There is even one thing that most attracts the attention of gambling lovers that with us idn poker you can also make transactions using credit with providers Telkomsel, XL and others. Very interesting isn’t it?

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Advantages of Joining Us IDN Poker

Of course, gambling lovers will always want an advantage in joining a site, now this time we will explain what are your advantages when playing and joining us idn poker, including:

1. First of all, of course, we have provided various types of bonuses and attractive promos for all our members, and getting them is also not difficult. The bonuses and promos that we have provided are beneficial for all of our members, because these bonuses can be used to increase your capital in playing gambling or it can also be used to increase your income when making withdrawals.

2. The second is that our idn poker site also has an elegant and attractive website that is pleasing to the eye, even our idn poker website is also very mobile friendly so that when you want to access our official site you will not experience lagging or interference.

3. The third is that we idn poker have professional customer service so that when you want to make a deposit or withdraw transaction, of course you don’t have to wait long, because it doesn’t take up to 5 minutes for the transaction to be processed.

4. The fourth is that we idn poker have a minimum deposit of 10 thousand, of course with this nominal it is very affordable for all Indonesian people

We Idn Poker have the most complete and newest games
We, the official idn poker, also have the most complete and newest types of card gambling games, so you won’t get bored easily when you join us. The game system that we provide is also the best qq site so that when you are playing gambling you will not experience disturbances. What’s the game? Relax, below we will explain it, among others:


1. Texas Hold’em Poker
Texas Hold’em Poker or more often referred to as online poker is one of the games that has existed for a long time and is most loved by gambling lovers, how to play it can also be said to be easy and difficult, why? because if you want to win in this game, of course you can’t just rely on hockey, but you must have a strong strategy in order to get a big win. This game also has various card combinations such as Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, High Card, Two Pair, One Pair.

2. Domino
Now this domino game is also a very unique and interesting game. This domino game will use 1 set of dominoes where the card consists of 28 cards. In this game in 1 table there can only be 4 people, at the beginning of the game each player will be given 7 cards. Now to determine who the winner is who can spend the card first then it is the one who will come out as the winner.

3. Ceme and Ceme around
To play ceme and ceme around this is very similar to the domino qq game, the only difference is that domino qq uses 4 cards if this ceme game only uses 2 cards.

4. Capsa
This capsa game is also no less popular than texas hold’em poker, has quite a lot of fans, now to win in this game is that you have to know the basics of the game such as the order of cards from high to lowest.

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5. Super10
This super10 game is a game that is not much different from samgong, the only difference being that super10 is played by all players if samgong is played with the dealer. At the beginning of the game you will get 2 cards and 1 additional card for each player.

6. Omaha
In this omaha game, the dealer will give 2 cards to all players at the table, after that you have to choose to check, raise, call or fold, after you choose, the dealer will open 3 cards on the table and then you combine the cards. you with the cards on the table. To determine who the winner is who has the highest card combination.

7. Blackjack
The main goal in playing blackjack is to be able to beat the dealer quickly, the way to beat it is that you have to have a combination of cards by reaching the number 21.

8. Superbull
Superbull is a card gambling game that is quite interesting and has quite simple playing rules. To play this game requires 2 to 6 players, each of which uses a deck of cards totaling 52 cards. The players will be given 5 cards each and must arrange 3 left cards and 2 right cards.

9. QQ-Spirit
Now for the qq spirit game, this is a new game that we provide on our official website idn poker, how to play this game is quite easy and simple because it is not much different from domino qq, for this game it has the highest number, namely 9 or qiu.