Welcome to our poker series which is the most popular real money online poker gambling site with the best service and trusted agents from IDN POKER those who already hold official licenses from bmmtestlabs and pagcor will of course always be the right choice to play online poker, online ceme, dominoqq, capsa stacking and several other card gambling games. Of course we are ready to serve online poker gambling players in Indonesia and it has been proven that the game system we have is 100% player vs player (free of bots and robots). Not only that, we also prioritize the convenience and comfort of our members because apart from being supported by the best servers in this field, the Poker Series can also be played on mobile smartphones using both Android and iOS, with only 10 thousand rupiah, you can join and win. with us.

To join the POKER139 which is the official site of IDN Poker which already has a very good reputation and already has thousands of active members every day, of course, it is very easy to register for a new member account plus we do not charge a fee for registration. How to register an idn poker account? The method is quite easy, you just click and fill out the form in the list menu that is already available or if you don’t want to bother just contact our customer service at all contact persons (communication service media) that have been provided such as the main livechat website, whatsapp, line, wechat, facebook. , Instagram and others. You don’t need to worry about personal data that has been provided as one of the conditions for having an agen slot terpercaya on our site. Regarding the security system, of course, we always prioritize the security of our members, so there is no need to worry about the privacy of your personal data, we guarantee it is 100% safe and will not be disseminated because with the best servers we have, of course, your data will not leak and be safe from unauthorized parties. responsible. With a security server that is so sophisticated, of course members can play the gambling games they like calmly and comfortably without having to doubt the security system that we have programmed very well.

Our main goal is to make all of our members feel comfortable while playing the game here, of course, with the best service and various facilities we will always provide. Such as providing a large selection of games ranging from:


Online Poker
The first game that is quite popular and widely played by members is the ONLINE POKER game. How to play texas poker is that every player with a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 9 players will of course get 2 cards each which will be combined with the five cards in the game. on the game table. For the player who gets the highest card combination, of course, the winner of this poker gambling idn, for the level of the card arrangement that has the highest value is a combination of cards from the royal flush and for the lowest card arrangement is the high card card which is the value of the card itself. .

For the second game, DOMINOQQ and the way to play this gambling game is that the minimum number of players in the game is 2 and the maximum is 9 people. Each player will get 3 cards and before the 4th card is given the players are given the choice to follow the game by placing a higher bet amount or withdraw from the game by closing their cards. The highest card of the domino game is qiu qiu or is worth 9.

Ceme Online
How to play the CEME ONLINE game, of course, is almost similar to the dominoqq game, but in the ceme game, of course, players who have high capital have the opportunity to be the dealer of this card gambling game. And the number of cards played is only 2 cards, while in the dominoqq game there are 4 cards.

Mobile Ceme
The mobile ceme game is also almost similar to the online ceme game, but what distinguishes the two games is that in the mobile ceme game, of course, every player has the opportunity to become a dealer without having to have a larger capital first and the change to become a dealer is in a clockwise direction.

Capsa Susun
The game media used in the capsa stacking game are playing cards and the card rankings used are also the same as the texas poker game, but the way to play the capsa game with poker is certainly different. The way to play capsa stacking is that each player will get 13 cards which will be arranged into 3 parts, namely in the first part the player will arrange 3 cards and in the second and third parts the players arrange 5 cards to form the highest card rank. The way to calculate the victory of this game is that each player will be competed on each combination of cards in each of the first, second and third sections.

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How to play super10 is also very easy and not much different from the game of samgong, in the super10 game the card media used is playing cards and also the highest card value of this gambling game is number 10. For players who manage to get 3 king cards then the player managed to get the highest card arrangement of this one game.

The way to play Omaha is almost similar to the Texas Holdem game, but what distinguishes the two games is that each player will get the first 4 cards. After that, players are given the option to choose their best 2 cards before the dealer opens the first 3 cards on the table. And the arrangement of cards from the Omaha game is also similar to the Texas Holdem Poker game.

For those of you who like to play gambling at casinos and virtual, you are certainly no stranger to the blackjack card game, which is identical to the number 21. How to play blackjack is that each player only needs to collect cards until they get the highest card value, which is 21 and if the player gets a card value that exceeds 21, of course the dealer is immediately declared the winner of this gambling game. And if there are players who are lucky enough to get an ace and a card worth 10, of course the player immediately gets a blackjack and the profit received also increases from the money that was previously bet.

Superbull is one of the newest gambling games from idn play poker which is quite good and interesting to try. One of the determining factors to get a win from this gambling game is that the player must be supported by the luck factor, fast hands and fast eyes. And if you manage to get a win from this game, of course there are a number of benefits that can be received even greater.

With a very complete selection of games on IDN PLAY, of course you will not feel bored and bored when playing because you can change the types of games that exist and the most important thing is that all games can be played with only 1 user id, so it is very easy for you because you don’t have to play games. need to change – change id again when you want to try all types of games that we have provided. And for those of you who want to try a game that you’ve never played before, of course you don’t need to worry because we provide information on every game that fully explains everything from how to play to the rules of the game itself.

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POKER agent siteThe best online casinos will certainly always provide very complete facilities such as the availability of many choices of payment methods to make it easier for all members when making transactions, POKER139 of course is back again arguably the best idn poker agent in terms of service and the provision of payment methods because in addition to providing bank bank services large companies in Indonesia such as BCA, MANDIRI, BNI, BRI, DANAMON, CIMB ETC, we also provide transaction services using digital wallet applications such as OVO and GOPAY. Please note that transactions can be made anytime as long as the bank is not interrupted or offline and we also remind you that before making a deposit it is better to contact our customer service first to ask for an active account destination number.

You could say the poker series is a paradise for ONLINE GAMBLING lovers, because in addition to all the facilities that have been provided, of course, bonuses and promos have always been one of the main factors that are considered by online poker gambling connoisseurs to choose a site to be used as a place to play. Don’t worry, you can get the most complete and best variety of very realistic bonuses here, because in addition to bonuses in general such as new member bonuses, daily bonuses, weekly bonuses, and progressive jackpot bonuses, there are also monthly gebyar bonuses without being drawn with very fantastic prizes. such as cash, cellphones, various merchandise, motorbikes and of course the main prize is a car.