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POKER139 Super 10 or better known as Sakong is a type of card game that comes from C i na, this type of game means Sa which means three as well as kong which means King when inferred the word sakong means Three Kings. Sakong is a game that came from the ancient Chinese empire, where at that time the game of Sakong was played using pebbles and as time went on he became a tarot card. However, after entering the present, Sakong began to gradually switch to using the rummy card type.

Sakong or Super10 itself became famous in 2017 in Indonesia, but because there are still new types of games, there are still many players who do not understand the steps of the Sakong game. For this fact, we will give some tips for playing Super 10 / Sakong cards.

How to play SuperTen on the best site POKER139

superten agent or Sakong is basically very similar to the Bandar qq game, but what distinguishes Super 10 or Sakong is using playing cards, by calculating a combination of three cards. For how to calculate card values ​​in the Super 10 game, unlike the Bandar q game where the largest value in the Super 10 game is 10 as the name suggests, if when you get a card worth 10 then you will get 2x the total pair. If you get all 3 picture cards then you will be paid 2x the total pair. But what’s interesting is that if you get three AAA cards, it will get 3x your total Judi Slot Online Terbaik.

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SuperTen Game Terms On POKER139 Site
In gambling, Super 10 cards are essentially played from 2 to 8 players at a table, and when the game has one player who will be responsible for his city, all players will have the opportunity to become dealers as long as the number of chips meets the table criteria.

Initially the first set all players will be given 2 cards each, which is then followed by one card, where the card will be arranged in 20 seconds to become the card with the highest value, because in the Super 10 game the dealer has the advantage of getting the biggest card from other players because in Super 10 card gambling cards held are only valid for players against the dealer.

But there are special provisions in the Super 10 card gambling game. If the dealer has the same card as the player, the dealer can become the winner on the POKER139 site. However, if the player has a card worth 10 and wins against the dealer, the dealer must pay 2x the total bet placed. In addition, the airport is required to pay if the player gets a combination of jackpot cards.