The History Of Casinos In Indonesia That Was Once Legal At The Time

The History Of Casinos In Indonesia That Was Once Legal At The Time

Some of us often hear the term casino. Many understand casino ideas and understandings. But few of us know and understand and understand the history of casinos in Indonesia. The casino itself is a place or position that has been prepared to become a gambling play position. And in these casinos there are several and various types of gambling.

History Of Casinos In Indonesia, Apparently Once Legal

As a citizen of Indonesia today, we will find it difficult to find casinos that are legally open. Because in Indonesia, all forms of gambling have been banned and will be prosecuted legally. But in fact, in the history of casinos in Indonesia, before 1980 it seemed that casino games in Indonesia were still permitted or legalized.

The first legal casino in Indonesia was in Ali Sadikin’s era in Jakarta. But as time went on, the casino had to close due to the crowd of casino changes working illegally or slipping away. In the end, the government at that time enacted a law to close all gambling game activities in Indonesia. Therefore, until now we will find it difficult to find casinos in Indonesia.

And along with changing times and technology, it cannot be stopped, making gambling actors take advantage of these opportunities to make it easier for some daftar casino pragmatic play players to return to betting. One of the steps is carried out by running online gambling game activities. Online casinos have just entered Indonesia around 2005. And apparently online casino lovers in Indonesia are getting bigger than initially calculated.

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Even though online casinos still count gambling game activities that are prohibited by the government, some players feel that online casinos are more comfortable and safer to play. Only because of the provision of a computer or android cellphone.


With the development of online casinos, there are various types of online gambling. With the increasing types and types of online gambling, the number of players in Indonesia is getting bigger. The average online casino player in Indonesia, spends 5-6 hours a day playing online casinos. This is due to the number of types of games that online casinos offer.

Besides that, what makes the number of players in Indonesia is because of the technology that is easily accessible. Currently, it is enough just to use an Android cellphone, all Indonesians can connect to the internet from anywhere.

Furthermore, various types of features and services that make it easier for several players to do business, become certain magnetic forces. Features such as small stakes, bonuses, withdrawals and bank transfers, also provide access and relief for several players in Indonesia.

Due to the long history of casinos in Indonesia, some lovers and some online casino players in Indonesia are never lonely. This is a wet place for some bookies in Indonesia.