POKER139 is an online gambling site that offers exciting games where various types of games are available such asonline poker , domino qiu qiu, capsa stacking and mobile ceme. As a trusted idn poker agent, we strive to provide our best service for members. By providing 24 hours/7 days service, POKER139 members can contact customer service on duty if they encounter problems.

Talking about the 389 poker game itself, this game began to appear since the 20th century in America. Many people like it until now, and more and more since the presence of online poker. With idn poker online, you can play poker anywhere and anytime without having to spend the energy to visit a luxury casino building.

To facilitate transactions, we provide several choices of local banks such as BCA, Mandiri, BNI, BRI, CIMB and Danamon. It is possible that there will be additional banks if POKER139 members fulfill the minimum demand for other local banks. The minimum value to make a deposit is 10,000 while the minimum value for withdrawal is 25,000, this is determined to provide convenience for members who are beginners and want to try the game first.

The presence of this online poker game is also followed by the completeness of the online idn poker game that can be played. There are many idn online poker games that you can play with only one account. This way if you want to play another game, you don’t need to move to another poker agent. For that there is no reason not to play online poker for now.

Playing poker is easy just by downloading the poker list application with good and reliable quality. Now, smartphones are dominating the world of technology. Almost everyone, whether children to parents, uses smartphones to make their daily lives easier, including playing online idn poker gambling, which is considered difficult by most people. In fact, it is not so difficult when you know the key to the game.


Now, there are many poker agents who create poker applications. However, this game will be very dangerous on your smartphone if you download the wrong online poker gambling application. There are many things that you will receive if the idn poker application is wrong and comes from a fake site. Therefore, you as a smart domino qiu qiu bettor must know how to download a good application.

For online poker gambling games, you can play black jack on trusted poker agents quickly, easily and practically. In this game you will play against the poker agent where you play. That means other players who are at the same table with you are partners and not rivals in the game.

Here you are required to install the chip that will be bet first. It can be a minimum installation or a maximum installation depending on your wishes. After that the dealer (the dealer) will distribute two playing cards to each player who places a betting chip. And these players will get a win if they manage to get a score of 21 in the game.

Actually it doesn’t have to be 21, but you must be able to have a higher value than the dealer. If you and other friends get a lower or equal value with the dealer. You will be declared forfeited all chips wagered. For that make sure you are really careful in playing this one poker game. Make sure you are register qiu qiu online with a trusted online gambling site such as POKER139 which is proven and trusted in Indonesia.

Maybe some of you often find it difficult to concentrate when playing online idn poker. It could be because you have started to enjoy the game less. Therefore, it is better for you to immediately find out the cause, if the discomfort comes from the poker gambling agent, then you can look for another agent who is more trusted. Try online poker deposit gambling using credit at POKER139 right now because Poker 389 is one of the best idn poker sites in Indonesia.


POKER139 has been a trusted agent for a long time because there are so many people who feel comfortable when playing here. Of course, a sense of comfort when needed because when playing poker gambling games, domino qiu qiu, capsa stacking and bandar ceme. So for that, don’t force playing if you feel uncomfortable. Just look for a 10000 credit deposit poker gambling agent because with a 10000 credit deposit you can try various types of games.

Why should you look for an online poker agent that provides credit deposit services? Because at this time digital money has grown very rapidly. People are already familiar with the type of payment in the form of digital money because this type of payment is very easy. Therefore, POKER139 provides a type of transaction via credit which is called a credit deposit. Try a deposit with a minimum value offered by POKER139 agents and then compare the comfort when playing here with other online gambling agents.

Because many players are not aware of what causes them to continue to lose. Even though what you definitely have to make sure is a sense of comfort when playing so you can concentrate more. Because playing poker idn requires strategy and concentration. Poker389 also provides tips on playing and winning in online gambling games. So you don’t have to worry about losing continuously because the goal of poker players when sitting at the betting table is to win the game.

If you want to learn to play poker, deposit credit quickly and precisely, then you must dare to take the right steps. Some of the tips that we can provide in this article are:

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Play at the games you have mastered. If it is victory that you are after now, then play a game that you understand well. If you are an experienced idn poker player then just play idn poker to increase your winnings.
Do not start the game with big stakes if you have just logged in. It’s the same with sports where you have to warm up first, but the warm-up here is more about reviewing the toughness of other players at the table.
Prepare to play the opponent’s psychology. In online poker games, psychology is almost one of your aces. Read your opponent’s facial expressions and movements and then try to bluff.
Don’t get emotional. In this game, of course, you have to take care of your emotions. If you fail to keep your emotions in check, your opponent will finish off your chips in a few rounds.
Try to be more relaxed when playing and read the opponent’s situation. These are some of the trips that we provide to you. For a more complete trip you can read about it on the Poker 389 blog.

Why is credit deposit currently in great demand? Because credit is something that everyone has and it is very easy when you want to make a transaction. Try now online gambling idn poker deposit credit here.