Online Slot Playing Tips Guide for Beginners


ONLINE SLOT PLAYING TIPS GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS – Playing online slots is always fun. Especially when we manage to get a lot of jackpots or streak wins. It has become one of the favorite games for gambling lovers for this online game.

Online slot is a casino game that has more than 3 or 5 rounds that have different images where players have to spin a series of wheels with the aim of getting the same combination of images or symbols to get a prize or jackpot.

A brief history of slots dates back to 1887. At that time the first casino gaming machines were produced by two people named Stittman and Pitt. The machines they assembled were used for poker games. In addition, another version of the slot machine also appeared in 1891, namely the machine invented by Charles August Fey.

Then in 1907 casino slot machines also appeared and also resembled those in casinos. From 1907 to 1976, it was the year of development of innovation in slot machines, including the creation of video slot machines that continued to progress as we see them today.


A starting guide for all beginners that must be considered includes:

Obviously the first step is to register with a trusted site. Make sure the site can maintain data security and promo bonus 100 member baru slot player account balances with 24/7 online CS service for players.

After registering, players can make a deposit to the account displayed on the website page which will be processed by the CS section of the site.

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Players now have an account and a balance in it. Now it remains only to find and choose what games you like (for example slots). If you are still confused, the player can ask the CS what game is going well. CS will be happy to help each of their members.

At first the player will place bets automatically in the slot machine, then if you want to increase or decrease the number of bets, you can do it by pressing the plus (+) button or if you want to decrease the bet amount, you can do it by pressing the minus (-) button.

If the bet amount has matched, then immediately press the spin button to be able to start the game. To be able to start the game itself, players are usually required to have an application that is specifically designed for this online slot game.
These applications can generally be downloaded via the Playstore or Appstore. To be able to enjoy this game itself, players only need a stable internet connection so that there are no interruptions in the game.

Understand How Slots Work

The first tip for playing online slots is that you have to understand how the game works. Even though this is the easiest game among other types of online gambling games, it aims to avoid losses.

Place Small Bets First

Next is to place a small bet first. This aims to avoid defeat when you first play. Placing bets is not trivial, but it has a big effect on winning. Then when the chance of winning is visible, the player can gradually increase the bet to a higher nominal.

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Place Bets according to the Player’s ability

After the player can control the number of bets on the selected online slot game. The next tip is that you must know the limits for placing bets in online slot machines.

Determine Winning Target

A common mistake players make is forgetting themselves when they have the upper hand. This aims to keep your income every time you place a bet. If the player has reached the expected target, it would be good to stop playing for the day and continue at a later date.

Focus and Patience

Focus is very necessary so that players do not get carried away with emotions. Especially at the moment when we lose in betting the focus will disappear and become impatient in playing in the next round.

Don’t Copy Other People’s Playing Styles

Each gambling player has their own style of play. Beginner players usually don’t have their own style of play. It is not advisable to follow the ways of playing other players because every luck is different. It feels like taking advantage of the way other players play.

Move – Move Slot Game

Don’t hang around and play only one slot game. Players have to move continuously when defeat comes near. This is done in order to avoid deeper losses at the same time it could be that in the next game the player gets the jackpot.