Nova88 Alternative Link

Nova88 is a provider or game product company for online gambling which was formerly called Ibcbet or Maxbet. Now with a new name, nova88 also presents new innovations in its products to provide everything that gamblers want now. Not only that, the facilities and features presented by this provider are also more complete.

As one of the gambling companies with a new name, nova88 can be another best alternative for online gambling facilities. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the excitement of playing games from maxbet or ibcbet, you can join a trusted gambling site. Of course it is one of the online gambling sites which is affiliated with nova88 agent. One of the official alternative links for this largest and official gambling company is MARKASJUDI.

The MARKASJUDI site is known to provide several well-known gambling providers, and Nova88 is no exception. If you play games from a provider that was formerly called maxbet/ibcbet, it is certain that players can add to the excitement as well as more experience. Not only the latest name update, but all the features that are carried are also updated. Whether it’s in terms of game variants, the appearance of various games, to the facilities and features.

For some old online gamblers, of course you already know some of the products from nova88. Therefore, all types of games can now be found on the league178 website. To register and join on the MARKASJUDI site itself, each method is very easy to do and all bettors follow. So, when you visit the league178 site, all the maxbet games you’ve ever played can be found on this gambling situs judi bola terbesar.

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Variations of Nova88 Game Types on the Trusted Online Gambling Site MARKASJUDI

Like in general the largest and most trusted gambling company, nova88 also has so many variations of the most popular games. This is provided by the league178 site in order to provide more member satisfaction in playing online gambling where it has never been obtained before. For this reason, every gambling fan in Indonesia can increase their luck by playing nova88 on the league178 site.

Besides being easy to find luck, any kind of satisfaction can be obtained through any type of maxbet/ibcbet gambling game. Coupled with access via all devices, it makes it easier for bettors to make online gambling bets in MARKASJUDI . In order to get to know some of the variations of this nova88 game, you can see the types of game products in the following discussion.

Nova88 Sport
Sportsbook/ Sports Betting
This type of online gambling betting game, seems to have become one of the most mandatory products for gambling agents. Given this, of course nova88 also has the best sportsbook products or sports betting. Not only soccer gambling, but other sports betting from this gambling company are also interesting to play. Starting from basketball, tennis to many other sports betting in MARKASJUDI .

Nova88 itself provides the best odds for each player. Obviously, this will give members more opportunities to make big profits. You can’t necessarily find this great opportunity on other online gambling agent sites. Only through the league178 the best odds players can get.


Nova88 E Sport
Nova88 Esports
Esports or electronic sports is an online game betting category where it is very familiar to play on smartphones. You could say this esports is one of the newest variants owned by nova88. If you don’t know some of the types, there are some that players can find through the league178 site. The types are Counter Strike, DotA II, Apex Legend or other esports.

In order to increase their profits even more, the league178 site also provides its members with several types of markets. Therefore, members can seek any profit through the market which is opened on the MARKASJUDI website. From here, the opportunity for each member to get big profits is very possible.

Nova88 Number Game
Number Games
Nova88 is known as one of the most popular number games or number bet providers. This game number can be the best option in seeking profit and a different experience from others. Moreover, the league178 site presents this number of games every day. Of course, it is also accompanied by direct or live withdrawals. That way, any fraud or fraud in any form is guaranteed not to exist.

Nova88 Virtual
Virtual Sports Nova88
At first glance, virtual sports have similarities like sportsbooks. However, soccer betting on virtual sports is the same concept as in console games. As gamblers are familiar with FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer games in game consoles. Every player who plays virtual sports will be presented with a backsound video that players can watch. Then, each member only needs to guess which team will win.

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In addition, the odds value also resembles the odds on a sportsbook. However, in virtual sports in this league178 there are no street soccer bets as in sportsbooks. This is because matches in virtual sports are generally shorter and not live.