Indonesia’s Most Trusted Online Dice Gambling Agent

Online Dice , some of you who like to play gambling must be familiar with this one game. This dice is better known as sicbo which used to be only played at land-based casino locations in the world. Dice Online Gambling is a game that uses 3 dice to start betting and then the dice will be shuffled, in other words, it is shaken LIVE and immediately seen by bettors when making bets. DEPOBOS

This gambling game from the past until now has remained one of the favorites for all bettors who like to play at online casinos and also have the most interest. Why so? Because the current type of bet is real money online dice that can get side income and get fun playing. But this game is not easy to play because it relies on hockey and high patience when playing.

That is the reason why the Online Dice Gambling game is one of the most sought after enthusiasts by Indonesian bettors because there is no skill from one’s ability but rather one’s luck. In the rules of this dice game, you can also choose BIG, SMALL, EVEN, ODD and also the players can guess numbers at once. If bettors can guess it, of course the winning bonus that is obtained is also very high. But it is not very easy to achieve.

Indonesia’s Most Trusted Online Dice Gambling Agent
For those of you lovers of the Sicbo dice game, now there is an Daftar Sbobet Bola that you can play via smartphone devices. We, as a Trusted Indonesian Online Dice Agent, aim to provide dice game services via IOS and Android which bettors can download here if they are already members here. Not only that, on the other hand, it has also been equipped with a sophisticated system and is equipped with a server that ensures the whole game is comfortable and safe to play.

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Discussing the quality on this site, of course there is no need to doubt because the website online 188 you can access anywhere and anytime as long as the bettor has a smooth internet connection and a smartphone device. The main goal of online dice bookies to build this website is to attract as many new members as possible to play at Sicbo dice online here.

Some of the Indonesian community bettors have also been cheated by Trusted online dice agents who are not responsible for the results of the bettors who have won the online sicbo dice game. So from this, diceonline188 as the Best Online Dice Gambling Site that has been considered good by bettors wants to change all that.

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For those of you who are looking for a Bandar that is guaranteed to be safe, just Register Casino Get Bonus for the Trusted Online Dice Gambling right now here which you can access anytime using a computer or android device. You don’t need to doubt the service here because we have a friendly and experienced Customer Service Via Livechat in processing withdrawal transactions or deposits quickly. In just a matter of minutes, bettors immediately get an account that is sent via sms, email from the diceonline188 and can be used directly to play games at online casinos.

Below are the types of online dice bets that you can read well and are useful for bettors who still don’t understand how to play:

Players can choose 1 number of twins that will come out of the 3 dice that are shaken by the dealer. Example: (11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66) and the result for the payout of this bet is 1:8.

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Players can choose 1 twin number that will come out of 3 dice that are shaken by the dealer. Example: (111, 222, 333, 444, 555) and the result for the payout of this bet is 1:150.

Two Dice Combination
Players can choose 2 dice numbers from 3 dice to be shuffled by the dealer. and the result for the payout of this bet is 1:5.

Single Number
Bettor can choose 1 dice number from 3 dice that will be shaken by the dealer with different payouts :
1 dice number : 1:1
2 dice numbers : 1:2
3 dice numbers : 1:3

If the player can guess the number of dice that will come out with a large number, and which consists of a value of 11 to 17 for the payout is 1:1

If the player can guess the number of dice that will come out with a large number consisting of a value of 4 to 10, the payout is 1:1