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FortuneBet99 is an Indonesian online casino agent and the best real money online roulette gambling, you can find FortuneBet99 easily, by typing the keyword “FortuneBet99” in a google search. FortuneBet99 is here to provide the best quality online casino gambling games to make it easier for all members. Do not miss the various kinds of the best benefits ready to give you a very large winning value. Therefore, you still have to play the game seriously so that the chances of winning are even greater. As we already know, playing gambling must use real money to play, where the profit generated is also real and real money. Technology continues to develop, making Indonesian online casino agents required to provide various new innovations and the best attractive promos, All of this is very natural to see to attract the increasing attraction of gamblers. FortuneBet99 as a real money online roulette gambling agent always provides the best high-quality service, so that the image of online gambling games is increasing in the eyes of online gambling players.

Indonesia’s Biggest Best Trusted Sbobet Agent
FortuneBet99 which is the biggest trusted sbobet agent in Indonesia, playing online gambling using real money must choose a site that is already trusted is a must for players. When you join a trusted site, your chances of winning will also increase. By choosing FortuneBet99 as a trusted sbobet agent, it is the right choice where we provide a variety of the best services and a variety of attractive bonuses that you can use as additional capital to play. For that, if you are ready to register for an online sbobet account, then simply click the “REGISTER” button above this menu, you can play various kinds of the best online gambling games here using only 1 user id. In addition to online casino games, there are also other games agen resmi sbobet as sporsbook, online slots, online poker, online lottery and other games. All online gambling games that we provide are using real money.

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Trusted Online Casino Listing Site
Various FortuneBet99 reviews state that the trusted online casino listing site here is very easy to do. This list process is the first step that all players must take in order to enjoy various bonuses and interesting events. Therefore, register immediately and start playing with us. With all the conveniences provided, this is definitely your chance to win big. Our customer service, which is always online 24 hours a day, always provides the best, professional, fast and friendly service. You can contact us via LiveChat, Whatsapp, Line and Telegram. We have also provided the most complete variety of payment instruments in Indonesia, which can make it easier for all players to be able to continue playing such as deposit withdraw services through BCA, MANDIRI, BNI, BRI, DANAMON, PERMATA, CIMB NIAGA, PANIN, OCBC, BII. and through digital wallets that are currently booming OVO, GOPAY, DANA, SAKUKU, QRIS, DOOR, JENIUS, SAKUKU, LINK AJA and through CRYPTO currencies such as IDRT, IDRTB, BITCOIN, ETHEREUM. If you are looking for a trusted online casino listing site with guaranteed security that dares to pay any member’s winnings, then you are at the right online casino agent.

The Biggest Telkomsel XL Credit Deposit Gambling Agent
FortuneBet99 is also the largest Telkomsel XL credit deposit gambling agent in Indonesia. As you already know, credit is a balance that can be used to communicate or buy internet packages. We as a trusted online roulette agent make it easy for all our members to play, make deposits or withdraw using Telkomsel and XL credits. Credit is an alternative to top up balances other than using a bank and digital wallet. The convenience of making credit deposit gambling transactions will certainly provide a different sensation in playing, with a deposit via credit of 10 thousand of course you will avoid the bank’s offline schedule. You can freely transfer credit to your ID balance.


To do this credit deposit gambling, there are several ways that you can use, such as:
1. Transfer TELKOMSEL credit using the “858” service
– Open the call menu (call from cellphone)
– Type *858*pulse transfer destination number*transfer nominal#
– Example: *858*081234567890*10#
– Press “Call/Call/ then Yes/Ok”
– Nb: Check the sending format again before you press OK.

2. Transfer XL credit using the call service “123”
– Dial code *123*8461#
– Select Share Credit
– Enter the destination number and the amount of credit to be sent.
– Enter Number According to Instructions
– Then, press “Send”

Example of Rate Calculation:

3. Top up credit through a credit selling agent or credit counter
– Give the destination number for your deposit to the credit counter
– Ask for proof of credit delivery or take a photo of the transfer receipt
– Then, send the proof to FortuneBet99 customer service

See the rates that apply to each provider, in this example take the Telkomsel card rate.

Deposit 10,000 X 0.8 (Telkomsel Rate) = 8.000 . This means that the deposit balance will be entered into the account ID of Rp. 8.000

Deposit 10,000 X 0.8 (Rate XL) = 8,000 . This means that the deposit balance will be entered into the account ID of Rp. 8.000

The above rate can change at any time, it is hoped that all members always ask our customer service for an update rate that applies today. After you know the latest rate, you can immediately transfer the balance.

Come on, register for an online casino right now, enjoy various facilities and conveniences as well as fast, safe and quality transactions, with professional, reliable and fast customer service facilities that are always ready to serve all members, for promotions and attractive bonuses you can access FortuneBet99 directly at menu “PROMOTION” for more detailed information.

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