How to Register on a Trusted Online Poker Gambling Betting Site Using Real Rupiah

Many wonder if they can play Texas hold’em poker in Indonesia? yes the answer is yes. But not at the casino, the only way to play POKER139 is at IDNPLAY poker online. Because poker is a gambling bet that is prohibited by Indonesian law. Therefore, for those who want to play it for fun, fill spare time, hone skills to find extra money from poker, they are required to read how to register online poker gambling bets through this agent first so as not to get lost in poker products that deceive you all.

Actually, how to register for online poker list gambling bets is very easy, just follow the steps below, it is guaranteed that you already have 1 online poker account. And once you make your initial deposit, you can immediately play it like a world poker professional.

The following is a list of online poker gambling bets that we have briefly summarized so that you can easily get the account:
Access the online poker bookie table hot site
You have to access the online poker bandar table hot site via this link. As we know that many gambling sites are blocked en masse, therefore if you want to register, you must go through the link. The link will change if the tabletop site cannot be accessed.

After logging in, click register
Look for a menu with a list written. If accessing via a computer, the registration menu is located in the upper right corner. But if you use a cellphone, you can directly choose the list menu on the main page of the hot table.

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A registration form will appear
The computer screen will be directed to the registration form after clicking the button on the register menu. If the screen does not display the registration form, maybe you have chosen the wrong menu, please reorder the steps from above.

Complete your personal data properly and correctly
At this stage you are required to fill out the registration form properly and correctly according to the data you have. How to fill in the registration form will be discussed in more detail in another section.

Click the register button for registration
At this stage, it means that you have filled in your personal data. Please re-check the personal data that you registered, lest an error occurs when filling in your personal data, because the process will be long if you want to change your personal data.

Login for the first time
After successfully registered, the next step is for you to log into your account using the username you registered.

If an error occurs or is not registered, please repeat the steps from above or you can also directly ask for help from customer service by contacting via live chat or it can also be via Whatsapp.

This process must be carried out in order to carry out the next step as described below.

First deposit
The next step is to make a deposit by transferring money to the table hot account which will be displayed on the deposit form. Don’t make the wrong transfer. Check at least 2 times the destination account number before transferring money.


This is the most awaited stage, because without making a first deposit, you will not be able to get credit / poker chips to play.

Happy playing and good luck!
If all the steps above have been carried out correctly, then we congratulate you because you have successfully registered and you can immediately play online poker.

A little extra, you should write down or bookmark this site, just in case if the table hot site is blocked, you can still ask for an alternative link from table hot.