How to Play Various Online Poker Games IDNPlay

You need to know that the POKER139 game itself has many variations, the famous ones are Texas Hold’em Poker, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, Zynga Poker , and so on. However, for the rules of card combinations from each poker variant generally have the same – the lowest High Card, and the highest Royal Flush. The striking difference that can be seen is usually only the number of cards used in poker games.

On the online gambling site IDN Poker itself, the poker games adopted are from the largest game developer in Asia – IDNPlay, namely Texas Poker Holdem and Omaha Poker Pot Limit.

#1 Texas Hold’em Poker Variant
Texas Hold Em is the top 1 in the world as the most popular poker series, it is the most talked about, most played and most watched poker game worldwide. In the game, players are dealt two cards or hole cards, the next step is to wait for five more community cards to be opened by the dealer.

The betting session will last for four rounds. Round 1 is when the hole cards are dealt, then after the first three community cards are exposed, the third round is after the fourth community card, and finally, another betting session will start after the fifth community card is turned over. Like other poker games, players must make their best hand combination with any five card combination, as mentioned in the introduction above.

Poker Variant #2 Omaha
Omaha is a poker variant which is also essentially a variant of Texas Hold’em Poker . Omaha comes with a slight change in the above-mentioned rules, so that in four betting rounds, each player is dealt four hole cards and five community cards are revealed as soon as they are dealt. The players must make their best 5 cards from their two hole cards and three from the regular cards.

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How to Create an Online Poker Account
To play poker online , you need to create an account here. Using one account, you can play all games in all sectors. You don’t need to create multiple accounts for different games. At IDN Poker you will get the opportunity to play all the games with one account. All you need is to provide our agents with your basic information. They will create an account for you. After creating an account, they will give you your account username and password. You will have to change your password later due to security issues.

After doing all these processes you can start playing. You can use this account to play all games in all IDNPlay game collections. This is a great feature of IDN Poker that is not available on other online poker gambling sites. So that’s what attracts the players the most here. This is a trouble-free method to play where you can play all the games on one site using just one account.

WD System and Depot at IDN Poker Agent
The transaction system is very easy at IDN Poker . After winning the amount you want from the game if you want to withdraw your money you can contact our agent. They are active 24/7. They will help you with this. Our agents will deal with this matter professionally. You just have to tell them which way you want your money. They will transfer your winnings to your desired bank within minutes. Our money transaction system is very safe and secure. You have to let yourself trusted online poker agent agen. We are very professional with money transaction methods. There is no chance of being cheated.


For poker depots or replenishment, we accept transactions by several methods. First, you can use bank transfer by transferring to our account number. The second option is to deposit using an electronic wallet such as Dana, Gopay, Ovo, and Linkaja . Then the third top-up option is by depo via all operators’ credit and without any discount. Please also note that the minimum deposit we set is very cheap, only IDR 10,000.

IDN Poker Online Promotion
A good and reliable online poker site should always provide their gambling customers with free credit gifts in the form of promotions, game-related bonuses, event bonuses and various refunds plus rebates which are updated daily or weekly, enough to keep them interested and discourage them go.

This is a common tactic used by online gambling sites to compete with other online gambling agents in the industry, and as a consumer, it is always your responsibility to take advantage of this to your advantage as much as possible. By playing online poker at IDNPoker Indonesia, you are entitled to claim all promotions and bonuses provided by this IDNPlay agent , by not doing so you are leaving free cash out of your fingers, so always be on the lookout and pay attention to the promotions and bonuses tab to see the latest updates. .