How to Play Ceme Online Real Money On Trusted Gambling Sites

How to play real money online ceme on trusted gambling sites is very important to learn, this article we deliberately provide for you POKER139 online gambling lovers to find out how easy it is to play later.

Ceme online is a game that is played using domino cards by combining 2 cards in the hand and then pitted against the cards owned by the dealer, in the room there is one dealer accompanied by a maximum of 8 players.

Currently ceme is in high demand by most online gambling lovers because, the way to play is very simple and can produce very easy wins.

For those of you who want to know more about the excitement of playing, let’s see our explanation below.

How to play the best online ceme and tricks for playing giant players
How to Play the Best Online Ceme

Before participating in a trusted online poker site , it’s a good idea if you read the 2 explanations below first in order to understand how to play correctly.

1. Various important rules that must be understood when playing ceme:

A. There are various choices of rooms in playing ceme, ranging from low to highest bet levels such as: Smallest, Small, Medium, Large and VIP. Each Daftar Judi Bola Sbobet has a different betting limit level.

B. Not equal or even lower, in order to win as a regular player in the ceme game, players are required to have a card with a higher value than the dealer’s card.

C. If a regular player gets a card with a value of 9, then the payment will be doubled, but if one of the other players also gets a card with a value of 9, then it is considered invalid and the winning value will be calculated as usual.


D. To become a dealer in the room, players must have chips according to the number of each level, namely: Smallest Rp. 280,000, Small Rp. 560,000, Medium Rp. 980,000, Large Rp. 1,400,000 and for VIP depending on the table you want to choose.

E. There is a jackpot value that can be obtained, to get it the player must combine the cards owned by the dealer’s cards.

2. An easy way to remember and count 6 series of domino qq cards accurately:

• Series 6: 6 | 6.

• Series 5: 5 | 5, 5 | 6.

• Series 4: 4 | 4, 4 | 5, 4 | 6.

• Series 3: 3 | 3, 3 | 4, 3 | 5, 3 | 6.

• Series 2 : 2 | 2, 2 | 3, 2 | 4, 2 | 5, 2 | 6.

• Series 1: 1 | 1, 1 | 2, 1 | 3, 1 | 4, 1 | 5, 1 | 6.

• Series 0: 0 | 0, 0 | 1, 0 | 2, 0 | 3, 0 | 4, 0 | 5, 0 | 6.

Example of how to calculate it: If you get a card with a value of 0|0 and 4|5, then the sum is 9.

That’s the basis for how to play online ceme that you must know, especially for you beginners, if you can understand the explanation above, just access the POKER139 gambling site to practice it directly.

In addition, online ceme also has a special line of cards with the advantage of the jackpot value in it. This opportunity can be obtained by all bettors who participate in the game.

However, getting it is different from the Domino QQ game, because ceme is only played using 2 cards in the game, while to be able to get a special card the player must have a combination of 4 cards.

So, ordinary players must combine 2 cards in their hands with 2 cards owned by the dealer, in order to get a card with a special value.


If you choose to become a dealer, it is possible for you to buy a jackpot value because a dealer actually has a greater chance of being able to get a ceme jackpot win.

For those of you who are curious about the row of special card combinations in how to play online ceme, see the sequence below:

1. Pure Small x 50


The smallest special card sequence is purely small, the total sum of the combinations is only between 5 to 9 circles.

Buy a jackpot of 1000 then the calculation: 1000 x 50 = 50,000.

2. Pure Large x 50

Small Pure x 50

Then the next is pure big, to get it the player must be able to get a combination with a total of between 39 to 43 maximum circles.

Buy a jackpot of 1000 then the calculation: 1000 x 50 = 50,000.

3. Twin logs x 150

Twin Blocks x 150

Twin logs with the upper and lower side characteristics have the same round value, the player or dealer must successfully combine the cards to become 4 twin special cards.

Buy a jackpot of 1000 then the calculation is: 1000 x 150 = 150,000.

4. Six Gods x 6666

Six Gods x 6666

Of the 28 cards, only 4 cards have 6 circles so that the six gods become the special card sequence with the highest jackpot value.

Buy a jackpot of 1000 then the calculation is: 1000 x 6666 = 6,666,000.

Note: If the dealer or player manages to get a special card that matches from the special card row above, a jackpot notification will automatically appear and the profit will be immediately obtained.

Tricks to play the giant player method guaranteed to win a lot
When playing ceme gambling games, you have to pay attention to something that most players often don’t realize, namely, it is easier to collect the value of being a dealer compared to ordinary players.

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Then just pay attention to how to play giant players, they are indeed very feared by other players, they are not at all afraid of the cracks of their opponents when they want to scare them

The giant player is also very smart in reading the suspicious movements of the opponent, he is able to know the attitude of the enemy if he is seen getting a bad card value.

The most important thing you have to learn is, don’t be too hasty in every betting action, because one mistake can make your opponent suspicious, of course this is very unfortunate if you have a good card value.

Maybe it’s enough that we have discussed how to play real money online ceme on trusted gambling sites. POKER139 will always be loyal to provide important information and provide a place to play for you gambling lovers. Thank you.