Guide to How to Calculate Baccarat Cards Correctly

Guide to How to Calculate Baccarat Cards Correctly

One of the casino gambling games that uses playing cards as a playing medium is baccarat. This game is actually very easy to play, especially the method of calculating baccarat cards is quite simple. So it’s no wonder that many players like the game. In the game process, each player must choose his own choice as a player, banker, tie, banker pair or player pair. Among these types of bets, being the player and banker is often chosen by the players.

For those of you who are just about to start this online casino baccarat game, you are required to have an account first on a gambling site. Accounts can be obtained by registering personal data such as full name, mobile number, email, account number on the site registration menu. After sending the data, you will then get the user id and password provided from the customer service. If you already have an account, then the player must make a deposit to be able to place a bet. After that, then you can start this casino game.

When starting the game, make sure that each player can prepare for the baccarat game. The most important preparation is regarding how to calculate this baccarat card correctly. If the player does not find out how to calculate it, then when playing later, of course, they will experience confusion. Not only that, you will also find it difficult to win.

How to Calculate Baccarat Cards Correctly

Playing baccarat requires the ability to play. So that you can quickly have this ability, you must know how to calculate the baccarat card correctly. In order not to increase curiosity, here is the explanation:


1. Calculation of baccarat cards

In the baccarat card game, there is a card sequence from smallest to largest. Namely cards with a value of 0 are 10, J, Q, K and AS have a value of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. This means that the highest value of this game is 9. When the game starts, then the dealer starts distributing cards to bankers and players, each of whom gets 2 cards. Therefore, each round must be able to combine the cards with the highest value.

2. Multiply the winning odds

In every win between player and banker, of course, there are different winning odds. This also applies to ties or draws, banker pairs and player pairs. The odds for this game are player 1: 1, banker 1: 0.95, tie 1: 8 and for player pair or banker pair, it is 1:11.

3. Calculation of winnings

For the calculation of victory in this baccarat game is very easy. Where, the player card is higher than the banker, the daftar ion casino player will win the game. This also applies to the opposite. Meanwhile, for the calculation of the tie, the two cards from the player and banker are tied. For pair cards, if there are 2 cards that are the same at the first opening, it will be declared as pair.

That’s all the discussion about how to calculate baccarat cards correctly. Hopefully this information can help you to make it easier to play. Indeed, in playing, just preparing capital to play is not enough, but every player must also understand the game he is going to play. Starting from how to play, the rules of play to how to calculate the card itself. So, you will not run the game carelessly. By preparing the game carefully, of course there will be a way out to achieve what you want, automatically winning can be easily obtained.

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