Easy Winning Tricks In Sicbo Gambling Game

Sicbo gambling game is one of the oldest gambling games originating from the land of the bamboo curtain. This game that uses dice as the main medium is well known by many gambling lovers around the world, from young people to the elderly, because this game is very easy and also profitable so it is not surprising that many people are very fond of playing it.

Lots of people think this game is just relying on luck alone, indeed this is not 100% wrong but this is also not entirely true, because this game also has tricks that can increase our winning percentage.

Of course, the tricks that we share must be balanced with persistence and high discipline so that our bets are not wasted while playing. We will share some tricks that are usually used by professional sicbo players to play and of course these have proven to be effective and can generate lots of benefits.

Tricks Used by Experts to Play Sicbo Gambling

To increase our winning percentage in playing sicbo gambling, there are many things that we have to pay attention to and we also have to hone it so that our winning percentage is higher. These include:

Only Place Big or Small Bets In the sicbo game, the big and small bet types are the most realistic bets when compared to other types of bets. Because in this bet we only have to guess the number of dice that will be issued will be less than 10 (Small) or will be more than 10 (Big).
Don’t Place Triple Bets In the Sicbo game there are many types of bets provided, one of which is triple. Usually the experts in this game strongly recommend not placing this type of bet, indeed if our guess is right we will get a very large payout, but the percentage of occurrence of this type of bet is very small. This bet requires us to get the same die on the three dice.
Don’t Always Place Bets on the Same Number. The thing most beginners do is always place bets on the same number in every round. Even though as we know that dice has 6 sides that seem very difficult to be able to repeat the same number.
Don’t Double Your Bets When Playing When playing sicbo, you shouldn’t play too often by doubling your bets, because this technique can backfire for us. It is better for us to avoid very risky things like this.
Pay attention to game history bandar sbobet terpercaya There is one very useful feature in sicbo games, namely the history feature. The use of this facility is that we are given a display of the dice results in the previous round, this can be our reference for placing bets in the future. It is very important to look at the history before playing because usually professionals only place bets by looking at the existing game history.


Things to Avoid When Playing Sicbo

So that the results we get are maximized, we also have to avoid things that can cause us to experience defeat, these include:

Playing with Emotions When we play, we should not use emotions. Because if we have played with emotion, we will definitely place bets carelessly and cannot think clearly. The best step when we are already playing with emotions is to stop playing for a while.

Playing Without a Target The next thing we have to avoid is playing without setting a target fund that we can use, because in gambling we are certain to bet something and we must be prepared to lose it. We recommend that we determine our targets for victory and defeat. When the targets we set have been met, we must immediately stop playing and enjoy life.