For some people watching a football match is less exciting if there is no value at stake. Bet size is not a benchmark but the feeling of joy that is felt in playing soccer gambling is entertainment in itself. Given the large number of football fans, betting on soccer gambling has become an integral part of football matches whether it is a local league or a major tournament such as the World Cup.

The strict ban on gambling in Indonesia has led some people to start looking at online betting via the internet. Fast internet technology has made online soccer gambling sites spread everywhere, from those who offer themselves as soccer agents to sites with increasingly fantastic promo bonuses.

For those who are interested, it is certainly better to know how to play daftar sbobetonline and understand the terms used before playing directly on online gambling sites.

Explanation of the Menu in Online Sbobet Football Gambling Betting

My bets: In this menu you can see how many bets you have placed. For this reason, for those of you who are confused, you have already placed a bet for the playing team, you can immediately click on my batch menu.

Statement: For one menu you can view the historical data of your completed partner, to find out if the partner you are wearing won or lost. In addition in this menu you can see the history of transactions that have elapsed up to one week ago.

Balance: Balance is a place where you can calculate the amount of loss or the number of wins you have played since you first joined and played on official online gambling sites.

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Announcements: For this one menu you can view reports or events that allow online football betting parties to cancel your current pair or bet. b. Because maybe in the matches that you enter there may be problems with bad weather conditions, or even riots occur in the field, so all reports will be notified via this menu.

Types of Online Sbobet Betting Bets

Asian Handicap (HDP) market

All experienced players know the Asian Handicap market. This type of betting system uses Voor (Pur-Puran), as in the example below the team marked in red is the team that gives VUR to the team marked in blue.

Over/Under (OU) Betting Market

For the online type of the Over Under betting market which is not much different from the so-called Asian Handicap (HDP), you can choose the result of the match by guessing the number of goals whether it is more than the Over market or less than the Under football betting market as because the online betting market has provided by SBobet. The market provided by the Sbobet Agent consists of 2 full round matches, or the first half (First Half), through indicators such as the Handicap above, namely Red as a fine and Black as a bonus.

Pasaran Odd & Even | Total Goal (OE & TG)

The next online soccer gambling market is the market in determining the total of all goals scored in the match whether the result is even or odd and the total of all goals that have occurred.

Pasaran Correct Score (FT & FH CS)

Timely & First Half Score Market is a type of online soccer bet that is required by players to be able to guess the final score accurately and accurately. This bet is for the correct score bet always provided only in the first half (1 × 45 minutes) and can also be in 2 normal rounds / Full Time (2×45 minutes). Further below, there is a sample display in the picture about FT & FH CS.

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Pasaran Half Time/Full Time (HT/FT)

We can say that the Full Time and First Half markets are another combination of the 1X2 ball market, that is, players can guess the final result in the first half (Half Time) and at the end of Full Time it is believed that they can get the result of the Site win, Big Bet value victory.

Pasaran First Goal/Last Goal (FG/LG)

In this First Goal and Last Goal market, you will be faced with the option to guess which team will succeed in scoring or which team has scored the last goal in the match. There are also several options if the match ends without scoring a goal (No Goals).

Mix Parlay Betting Market (Double Bet)

Mix Parlay or what is commonly known as the Multiple Bet Package is one type of market that is very much played by online soccer gambling bettors, because they use Mix Parlay to have a very large winning value of up to many times the ODS value (each – Each value. ODDS will be multiplied by all ODDS in each game that the player has paired), given the very large prizes that players will receive, the difficulty level to win is also quite challenging. In this competition players are allowed to choose different types of online soccer bets for one match and after that are combined with other matches (the minimum mixed parlay pair is 3 matches).

Outright Betting Market

The last market available by SBOBET is Outright, where you are faced with many choices in certain criteria. For example: Guessing the champion of the Italian cup, the Spanish trophy, the UEFA Champions trophy, the European League trophy, etc.

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In addition to the examples above, there are still several other types of soccer betting bets that we can check for ourselves and this applies to other servers such as Agent Maxbet which can be found on the internet. Through the guide for an explanation of the types of soccer betting that we have just presented, it is hoped that it will help you to be able to predict your football bet more precisely and carefully so that it can generate more profit.