POKER139 is one of the most complete online card gambling agents or sites. Online card gambling is usually divided into 2 types, namely playing cards and dominoes or also known as gaple.

The most popular gambling using playing cards is Poker, where if you play on this POKER139 site, you can try playing online poker.

Like offline poker, there are certainly many Indonesian online poker fans. Due to advances in technology and the many conveniences that online gamblers demand, the POKER139 site has become one of the most trusted and best Indonesian online poker agents in Indonesia.

Interestingly, this one online game is not just a game, but an online poker gambling game with real money.

With so many requests and fans of online card gambling site, of course, many poker game providers are competing to create the newest and most interesting online poker games to play. The providers that are often played are IDN online poker and online QQ Poker.

This online poker gem is also not a game against computers or bots, but player versus player. With this feature, you can play with friends or against other people, which is certainly more challenging and interesting than against the computer.

Besides poker, another card gambling game is online capsa. Of course, this capsa and capsa stacking can be played online and using real money too.

As for domino card gambling, usually the names of games such as online ceme dealers, domino qq, and also online gaple are the choice of gambling fans with dominoes.

POKER139 is also one of the most trusted and best online qq poker and ceme providers in Indonesia, where you can play online domino games, online gaple, and this real money stacking gaple gambling.



The IDNPLAY provider is one of the oldest and most trusted and most famous providers in Indonesia. There are so many players who subscribe and play on IDNPLAY every day that it is impossible for you to run out of opponents to play any game available on IDNPLAY.

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Popular games from IDNPLAY are Texas poker, ceme, domino, ceme roving, capsa stacking, super 10, and Omaha poker.

All these games are played online and use real money so if you win then you will win real money too. This money is usually in the form of a balance that can be topped up using credit or other methods. After your balance has accumulated with the number of wins you get, this balance can be transferred to your personal account.


Provider Balakplay promotes games using dominoes, such as online gaple, mobile ceme, ceme dealer, and domino qq. However, Balakplay also provides playing card and dice games, such as blackjack poker, poker dice, and ngau ham dice.

Many players have registered for domino qq online and played gaple at Balakplay through POKER139 . This site is one of the most trusted domino qq game agents in Indonesia.

Of course, this game also uses real money so that you can feel the winnings again.


Like the other providers we mentioned above, 9Gaming also provides varied games, such as poker, all in or fold poker, all in or fold 6+ poker, 6+ poker, Omaha poker, capsa stacking, ceme, mobile ceme dealer, ceme dealer, domino qq, poker dealer, pot poker and 9gaming ludo.

Of course, with a large selection of games, you won’t be bored and don’t have to worry about the number of players because 9Gaming is one of the most trusted online poker providers that has many players who subscribe and play every day.

Like other providers, 1Gaming is online poker using real money so you can feel the benefits of playing poker here.

These three providers, both IDNPLAY, BALAKPLAY, and 9GAMING, can be played online on your computer or on your Android smartphone. Applications for each provider can be downloaded from Google Playstore on your smartphone.

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Online poker, like poker in general, is a gambling game using playing cards. To win the bet you must have a good card combination and also a game strategy that is not careless.

Online poker gambling using real money can also be played on your Android smartphone or computer screen. What is meant by real money in this gem is money in the form of balances. This balance can be used in game bets. Online poker players can deposit balances in the form of credit, gopay, ovo, or bank transfers, and their balance will be filled.

Sites like POKER139 also make new member bonus online poker promos so that those of you who have never been a member on our site will definitely get special bonuses.


For gambling games with dominoes, of course, it is very well known and is no longer common in Indonesia. Usually many people play dominoes or commonly called gaple in certain places offline. However, with online technology, you can play against friends or other people through the POKER139 online gambling agent.

On the POKER139 site, you can play various variations of domino games, such as 7-card gaple gambling, domino qq, and many others.

Of course, this game is a real money domino game and you can win prizes in the form of real money. One of the online gaple game providers that you can play at POKER139 is BalakPlay. Immediately register your account at POKER139 and fill in the deposit balance so you can immediately play gaple and domino online gambling!


Ceme is a type of poker game that uses dominoes. Where to win the round, the player must have a better card combination than other opponents at the same game table. This simple ceme game only uses 2 cards, while domino qq uses 4. The way to win playing ceme is to know the series and combinations of good cards, so you will be more careful in betting and taking risks. You can play online ceme and its variants such as mobile ceme on the POKER139 gambling agent site. With POKER139 , you can use your balance and bet on the best online ceme games provided on the site.



Capsa is one of the most famous playing card games in Indonesia. Almost everyone who has ever played playing cards must know the capsa game.

Unlike poker gambling, this online capsa game is divided into 2 variants, namely capsa banting and capsa stacking. Capsa Susun online can now be played on gambling agent sites such as POKER139 . Online poker game providers such as IDNPLAY and 1GAMING provide capsa games that you can try on this site.

One way to win gem capsa is to make a strategy. The most important thing is to recognize good card combinations so that you can judge for yourself whether the card in your hand is entitled to bet with big risk or small risk.

With the current popularity of capsa, there are many online capsa players and you will certainly never lack enemies to play this gambling gem.


Well, after reading the article above, you definitely want to try playing various kinds of online card gambling games, right?

To start playing, you just need to visit the POKER139 site and create an account. After the account has been successfully verified, you only need to fill in the balance, either using ovo, gopay, or credit. Once your balance is filled, you can start playing right away to win amazing prizes and jackpots from POKER139 !